Britney Godsey

Gold Bond

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Britney Godsey

Britney Godsey -a social media fanatic, snowboard junkie and a constant soldier in the waging war of sales mediocrity- is the reigning VP of Sales for the over $40 million top 40 supplier Gold Bond Inc. After time spent as one of Gold Bond’s highest producing reps in company history, she’s now developed a passion for advancing the promotional channel through speaking out on her experiences in the business and elevating the need for promo with purpose. In addition to governing a 50+ man team, Britney is also a pioneer for the group PROMO CARES, a promotional community dedicated to people within the industry who find a way to channel a giveback movement through their business. Britney’s current mission is to develop a way to show the industry how Gold Bond can be an industry source for partnership and creativity, not simply a resource for promotional products.

skucon Stories

Big order fails. Brilliant client saves. Narrow margin orders that went south. Product disasters. Embarrassing client moments. We've all had them. Most of the stories in the industry are normal, the simple price we pay for being in a crazily-adventurous, anything-can-happen, deadline-driven business. But these stories? The best of the best of them. 10-minute promo tales to put a smile on your face. Make you think. And mostly, to remind you ... you are not alone.