Gillian Hammond

Brand Fuel, Inc.

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Catherine Graham

Did I want to be a promotional product distributor when I was little? Nope!

And honestly, I’ve yet to find even one person who wrote this career choice on construction paper for their 4th Grade Career Day bulletin board.

Yet, I can truthfully say: This is the best job in the world!

Every day is different. Its own expression of a volcano erupting. Epic, yet beautiful. I thrive on the symphonic collaboration of people working in varied time zones, in varied roles, all coming together to get ink on product delivered on time. It’s akin to threading a needle in the dark with a team you’ve often never met. And with the help of my award-winning Brand Fuel team we do this successfully and with joy

Through my decade and a half at Brand Fuel, I’ve had many diverse opportunities to work with clients all over the world in developing creative and effective promotional product campaigns, ranging from employee/client incentives, client/employee appreciation, marketing/tradeshow efforts, employee/ client recognition, and simply putting their logo on cool shit.

My days ebb between interacting with vendors in sourcing cost-effective, creative merchandise for my clients, domestically and overseas, then flows to assist with the company's trade, sponsorship, and charity relationships, along with complimentary marketing tasks.

Every day I wake up and am so thankful I stumbled into this crazy, energetic industry, which allows me to stretch my brain and constantly push what is possible.

I’m truly #livingthedream

skucon Stories

Big order fails. Brilliant client saves. Narrow margin orders that went south. Product disasters. Embarrassing client moments. We've all had them. Most of the stories in the industry are normal, the simple price we pay for being in a crazily-adventurous, anything-can-happen, deadline-driven business. But these stories? The best of the best of them. 10-minute promo tales to put a smile on your face. Make you think. And mostly, to remind you ... you are not alone.