Kevin Mullaney


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Kevin Mullaney

(Yelled in a Ric Flair voice): Kevin Mullaney is a Bow Tie Wearing, Branded Apparel Selling, Under Promising, Over Delivering, Energetic, Eccentric, Motivated Maverick from Richmond, VA (WHOO!) - the guy who puts the ‘swag’ in swagger.

With over 13+ years of sales experience from B2B to SAAS, and 7 years in the promotional marketing industry, Kevin was recognized as a 2016 Rising Star by PPB Magazine, was a 2017 finalist for Salesperson of the Year and was also featured on ASI’s Hot List (Counselor Magazine). Kevin serves as Vice President of Brandito, recognized as the Fastest Growing Distributor in 2014 by ASI. Kevin believes that all organizational problems can be solved with more sales.

skucon Stories

Big order fails. Brilliant client saves. Narrow margin orders that went south. Product disasters. Embarrassing client moments. We've all had them. Most of the stories in the industry are normal, the simple price we pay for being in a crazily-adventurous, anything-can-happen, deadline-driven business. But these stories? The best of the best of them. 10-minute promo tales to put a smile on your face. Make you think. And mostly, to remind you ... you are not alone.