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Sarah Penn

In my head, I am 6’2, 170 pounds of raw muscle, a part-time international fashion model, working on a cure to solve world hunger, and a weekend volunteer firefighter. But in reality, I’m barely taller than a grande almond milk latte, sell “stuff” for a living, and my strongest physical feature is my wenis (google it).

I studied film in college and feel strongly that my bartending job throughout that tenure was of equal value to me. It taught me how to understand people, deliver top-notch service and how I can influence one’s experience. Film school taught me how to think from the viewer’s perspective and that every detail matters. All of these lessons are what made me who I am today.

Professionally, I’m a visionary who acknowledges that it’s the implementors who make the wheels go ‘round. My sales & marketing experience covers a wide spectrum, from small agency to Amazon, and a lot in between. I challenge the why and create the why not. I believe in big brands, equally support the small ones, and am not afraid to call bullshit on the pretenders.

We started Juice Marketing to disrupt the standardization of the promo industry and provide an alternative way for our clients and end users to leverage merch into their brand needs. In addition, we added web development and video to our service offerings, because we found our clients had these needs and were lacking reliable resources. Sometimes there is a correlation between all three of our disciplines and sometimes there isn’t. We get it.

And we’re not done yet. We’re always looking for new ways to be innovators, seekers and doers ... and solve world hunger.

Inside the Mind of the Creative Agency Entrepreneur

What do you aspire to? How do you separate yourself from the competition in a way that ignites the imagination of all of your stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers, and community? And what does it really mean to be a creative consultant in a product-driven business? Hosted by Pierre Martichoux of Chameleon Like, join us as we journey inside the mind of some of the most creative agency-entrepreneurs in the business. This conversation, featuring Lauren Borelli Fitzgerald from Canary, Yvonne Lyngaas Zeman from Monarch and Company, and Lee Fine from Juice Marketing, leaders from Canary, Juice Marketing, will explore what it means to build a promotional agency. These are distributors whose go-to-market strategy reflects an agency focus and their clients value their ingenuity, their imaginative campaigns, and their sophisticated and respectful approach to the promotional products medium as something more than just an advertising vehicle but also as a form of identity. From developing a unique value prop that is distinguishable from even other agencies to carving complimentary services into your service offerings, to seeking and finding the right clients who value creativity+product, we’ll explore the ins and outs of an agency distributorship that thrives on the edge of the imagination.