Pierre Martichoux

ChameleonLike, Inc

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Pierre Martichoux

A serial leader and dreamer, Pierre Martichoux made an early shift in life from politics to building businesses, with an emphasis on USA Made products and an inspired team.

Born in Paris, Pierre found early opportunities as a leader in politics and military service – his studies at Sciences Po, The Paris Institute of Political Sciences, lead to the key position as Student President overseeing and rallying student leaders throughout Paris. During his required military service in France, Pierre served as interim captain, leading all incoming recruits. Those early successes in motivating large groups were the bedrock of his evolution into an entrepreneur.

After graduation in 1990, Pierre pursued the opportunity to create a US presence for a European entity - Prat Pressbooks. Forging a sales channel in US markets proved a challenge and was a first foray into the start-up environment for Pierre but within 2 years, he grew US sales to $4M.

With success in motivating teams and creating sales, Pierre founded Chameleon Books and Journals in 1998. The inspiration then, as it is now, was to harness US manufacturing to create thoughtful, curated, and on-trend products in the journal space.

Along the way, through his vision, the company has grown organically to $10M. From QCA accreditation to process perfection and line development, the company was poised to use its process-based creativity and extend into custom packaging. Through the acquisition of The Platform Group Gallery in Summer 2018, Pierre is ready to take the company and his team to the next chapter in ChameleonLike’s success.

Inside the Mind of the Creative Agency Entrepreneur

What do you aspire to? How do you separate yourself from the competition in a way that ignites the imagination of all of your stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers, and community? And what does it really mean to be a creative consultant in a product-driven business? Hosted by Pierre Martichoux of Chameleon Like, join us as we journey inside the mind of some of the most creative agency-entrepreneurs in the business. This conversation, featuring Lauren Borelli Fitzgerald from Canary, Yvonne Lyngaas Zeman from Monarch and Company, and Lee Fine from Juice Marketing, leaders from Canary, Juice Marketing, will explore what it means to build a promotional agency. These are distributors whose go-to-market strategy reflects an agency focus and their clients value their ingenuity, their imaginative campaigns, and their sophisticated and respectful approach to the promotional products medium as something more than just an advertising vehicle but also as a form of identity. From developing a unique value prop that is distinguishable from even other agencies to carving complimentary services into your service offerings, to seeking and finding the right clients who value creativity+product, we’ll explore the ins and outs of an agency distributorship that thrives on the edge of the imagination.